Welcome aboard the ISD Invictus, flagship of the Imperial Navy's 12th Fleet.


THE JEDI are no more. Branded as would-be assassins and terrorists, EMPEROR PALPATINE'S New Order saw clone troopers turn on their Jedi commanders and execute them. The GALACTIC REPUBLIC is gone. In it's place... the GALACTIC EMPIRE- resurgent, monolithic and dominating. In its wake, the Separatists crumble and scatter. The CLONE WAR is over.

Under Palpatine, the Senate turns to swift reforms but the Emperor soon reveals an oft-feared brutality. A Human-First doctrine rises among Palpatine loyalists, seeing the new Imperial Navy and Army expunged of aliens. Entire alien worlds are subjugated. Uprisings are put down violently. Populations are enslaved to the Imperial War Machine's needs. Those that can, flee. Other aliens are forcibly displaced, sometimes en masse, their former holdings and worlds turned into factories and mines.

Nowhere is safe. But the reach of the Empire is most tenuous in the OUTER RIM TERRITORIES. Their hegemony gives ground to criminal syndicates like Crimson Dawn, to cartels like the Hutts, the Pyke Syndicate, and to various petty warlords, strongmen and corporations. Life is hard and often the denizens here feel forgotten by anyone in The Core. That breeds supreme jealousy and defiant indifference.

Out here the distance between resources, people, habitable worlds and emergency aid are on a vaster scale than in The Core. There is a feeling of isolation in this unimaginably expansive, cold space. The Imperial Regional Government is finding it harder to maintain control amongst the lawlessness.

The Empire, using their vast resources, dispatches the Imperial Navy's 12th Fleet to the Kessel Sector to remind those in the Outer Rim that they are subjects of the Empire. Amongst those sent is the 12th Fleet's flagship, the ISD Invictus. But, rumors are starting to swirl. There is talk among the Imperial High Command of growing numbers of isolated pockets of defiance and rebellion. But, what is most concerning to those at the top are that these pockets becoming more organized and coordinating with each other. They are becoming increasingly well armed, highly trained, and most of all....they are growing.

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Mission: In The Name of The Emperor
Posted on Sunday February 18th, 2024 @ 5:44pm by Fleet Admiral Kelleq Neestrinn

Fleet Admiral Kelleq Neestrinn stood in his customary spot on the bridge, arms clasped behind his back, as he stared out the forward viewports along the bow of the Invictus as she continued along at maneuvering speeds. He watched as a squadron of TIE fighters flew across the ship in…