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Fleet Admiral Kelleq Neestrinn

Name Kelleq Neestrinn

Position Commanding Officer, 12th Fleet

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Species Human
Gender Male
True Age 65
Homeworld Coruscant
Languages Spoken Galactic Basic

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 176
Hair Grey
Eyes Green
Physical Description Kelleq is tall, accented more by his rigid posture. His face is what some would call stoic, revealing little emotion.

Personality Traits

Personality Kelleq is guarded in nature, and softspoken. He puts his duty first before anything else. He never mixes business and pleasure, preferring to keep his personal life to himself. From humble beginnings, Kelleq is a firm believer in the ideals of the Empire. While he didn't agree with the ideals of democracy, he served during the Clone wars because he felt loyalty to his home planet of Coruscant.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Kelleq has a great tactical sense of command. He is able to anticipate his opponents moves. He also feels that the ends justify the means, focusing on success above all else. However, he will not throw lives away carelessly. Even if there is the smallest chance of success, he will push forward.
Weaknesses Kelleq can be single minded at times, letting his devotion to duty cloud his judgement.


Ambitions Kelleq is a career officer in the Imperial Navy. He has been offered a position as a Regional Governor several times, but Kelleq has no stomach for politics. He prefers commanding his fleet and being on the bridge of his ship above all else.
Hobbies Kelleq's private life is just that...private. His leave is spent at home on Coruscant. He enjoyes reading classical literature, specifically military strategy from battles past. One would consider his life lonely, but Kelleq has always been happiest when alone.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents/Guardians Colm Neestrinn - Father
Treshi Neestrinn (nee Rus) - Mother
Sibling(s) Riv Neestrinn - Older Brother (Killed in Action during the Clone War)

Personal History

Early Life Kelleq Neestrinn was born on Coruscant in 68BBY. He is the second son of Colm and Treshi Neestrinn. His family was one of modesty, his father was a mid level bureaucrat working for the Coruscant Customs Union while his mother took care of the household. From an early age, both Kelleq and his older brother Riv, were raised with a strict sense of duty and family. His father was loyal to their home planet of Coruscant, but not necessarily the Republic. Kelleq's father taught his sons that the Republic had it's faults. The bureaucracy was corrupt as the corporate interests of the galaxy ran roughshod over the citizens. But, it was the best system they knew, so they endured. Kelleq and his brother were both groomed to a live of service. At the age of 18, Kelleq was enrolled in the Republic Judicial Academy, the primary military school for the Judicial Forces. Kelleq was identified early on as a skilled tactician, and he recieved his commission and served with the Diplomatic Fleet. It was around this time, Kelleq fell in love with a young woman, Gala Beige. The two were engaged to be married, but in the end Kelleq felt his duty outweighed his love for Gala. The engagement was broken off, and Kelleq committed himself fully to his career.
Adulthood During his service with the Diplomatic fleet, Kelleq saw first hand that the peace that prevailed among the Republic was incredibly fragile. Often times, he found himself attempting to make peace with forces that vastly outnumbered his own, and the significant casualties he saw further soured his views on the Republic. He often argued to his superiors that more aggressive measures needed to be taken to bring those belligerents into line, but he was always overlooked. This also tended to put him at odds with the Jedi that would be assigned to lead the negotiation missions. Kelleq's opinions of the Jedi were their inherent aversion to violence often prevented him from accomplishing his mission. As the Separatist crisis began, Kelleq found himself stuck in his career, having reached as high a position he could obtain as a peacekeeper. He reacted to the news of the formation of the Confederacy with anger. In Kelleq's view, the Senate had allowed this civil war to ocur through it's own inaction. However, this meant that Kelleq was offered the chance to leave his role as a peacekeeper behind and so he was commissioned into the Republic Navy after it's formation. During the Clone Wars, Kelleq commanded numerous Venator class cruisers, and he was noted for obtaining quick and decisive victories in the early days despite the Republic Navy's young age. As the Clone Wars turned into a pitched war, he continued to believe that the pivotal role that the Jedi were playing as military commanders hindered the war effort. It was also at this time he learned that Riv was killed in action at the Battle of Christophsis, where he had been serving as the captain of a Republic frigate. As the war dragged on, Kelleq began to realize that the republic was failing. the Jedi were too cautious in their strategy, and as such, he requested to commande a fleet without the oversight of Jedi Commanders. It was about the time when he was dispatched to Cato Neimodia to assist in the invasion there when he learned of the attempt on the Chancellor's life at the hand's of the Jedi. Kelleq embraced the formation of the Galactic Empire with much enthusiasm. Upon being commissioned into the Imperial Navy, Kelleq rose through the ranks quickly earning distinction by mopping up the last remnants of the Confederacy Forces. Due to his success, he was offered a posting as an Imperial Regional Governor, but he declined. Kelleq preferred to command a fleet, and so he retained his rank. Kelleq served as the Vice Admiral of the Jakku sector fleet before he was promotted to Fleet Admiral and given command of the 12th Fleet.

Service Record

Service Record 50 BBY - Cadet, Republic Judicial Academy
46BBY - Commissioned Ensign, Republic Judicial forces, Diplomatic Fleet
44BBY - Lieutenant, Consular Cruiser Fortitude
40 BBY - Lieutenant Commander, Consular Cruiser Hyperion
36BBY - Commander, Consular Cruiser Dauntless
34BBY - Captain, Consular Cruiser Valiant
28BBY - Commodore, 7th Diplomatic Fleet
22BBY - Commissioned into Republic Navy, assigned captaincy of RAS Surefire
21BBY - Captain, RSD Endurance
19BBY - Commissioned into Imperial Navy, rank retained
17BBY - Commodore, ISD Avenger
15BBY - Rear Admiral, Imperial Navy Headquarters
13BBY - Vice Admiral, Jakku Sector Fleet, Commanded ISD Defiant
8BBY - Admiral, Coruscant Home Fleet
3BBY - Fleet Admiral, 12th Fleet, ISD Invictus flagship