OUTER RIM is affiliated with and run by members of SIM CENTRAL. This Sim follows all rules and regulations of our writing community. We are a safe space community and do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism or prejudice towards the neurodiverse or those with a physical or sensory challenge. All people are welcome at Sim Central- except bigots. We believe in mature and open communication and informed consent between players. We leave personal politics at the door. OUTER RIM is pleased to welcome players who are sixteen (16) years old, or older.


To join OUTER RIM, you must be a member of Sim Central's Discord community. If you plan to join, please go there now. We use the Discord to make sure that players have agreed to our community rules. You don't have to interact with the community but you need to remain a member. We will do most of our initial brainstorming and episode planning on our Discord as well.


RPG Rating 2 2 2

OUTER RIM is a 2-2-2 sim. That roughly means a PG-13 or TV-14 rating, or something a viewer would see in any of the entries into the STAR WARS franchise. RPG Rating is open to interpretation but we will adhere to the following guidelines as best as possible.


Secondary sexual characteristics (breasts, butts) can be "seen" and described in limited detail. Full nudity can be implied or scantly described. Genitals (penises, vaginas, the anus, etc.) cannot be described beyond implied by terms such as, "he was naked." Arousal can only be implied. Sex or masturbation can be implied- a "before" or "after" scene or stated with no detail- "he jerked off and went to bed." Seduction, making out and undressing are allowed up until genitals come into play. Discussing sex and nudity is allowed as long as it does not become a ersatz sex scene with a narrator. In short- no smut, folks, storied by us nor our characters' POV.

Please do not begin a sexual advance, sexual attention or any sexual banter with a character without first publicly communicating with their player on Discord. Practice informed consent.


Star Wars has created its own canon expletives which can be found HERE. The only two real-world expletives that seemed to have made it into canon are "Ass" and "Shit." If its canon, it can be used here. If you want to invent expletives and insults in an alien language, go for it. Regarding 'Isms- the only two that have been portrayed are Classism and Racism. No homophobic, transphobic or neurodiverse Isms can be played here. STAR WARS is a story of conflict. The Empire is racist toward aliens. And nobles and common folk can be Classist towards each other. These remain acceptable content in character only!


Death is allowed. Players may not kill or injure another player's characters- any "Linked" NPC or PC- without the explicit and written consent of that player. If you are going to injure or kill an established (but Unlinked) NPC, ask the Mods. Violence in a universe like this is almost inevitable. You may describe violence as needed without being gratuitous. Gore in STAR WARS is scant- the most extreme being body horror changes from the Dark Side or else cutting off limbs. Players can describe their characters as wounded or bleeding with modest detail. But don't be overly graphic.