In The Name of The Emperor

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The 12th Fleet has been dispatched to the Kessel Sector at the request of the Imperial Regional Governor. It seems the Pyke Syndicate are making things more difficult for the local authorities, and those citizens need to be reminded that it is not wise to cross the Empire. The ISD Invictus and the rest of the fleet gets to work quickly, but they have no idea what is in store for them.

Start Date Saturday January 20th, 2024 @ 11:12pm
End Date Thursday February 29th, 2024 @ 11:12pm

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Title Timeline Location
Might of the Empire
by Fleet Admiral Kelleq Neestrinn
0800 hrs - Mission Day 1 - 3BBY Bridge - ISD Invictus

Mission Summary

Moff Borke, the Imperial Regional Governor of the Kessel Sector, requested additional Naval resources from Imperial High Command. It seems that the Pyke Syndicate have been running more spice than the local authorities can keep track of. With the Kessel Sector fleet already spread thin putting out isolated insurrections, the Imperial Navy's 12th Fleet has been dispatched to the Kessel Sector. Their primary mission: put a stop to all Pyke Syndicate smuggling operations and crack down on those systems that have yet to fall into line with Imperial doctrine. Leading the charge will be the ISD Invictus, flagship of the 12th Fleet. As she begins her mission, intelligence reports begin painting a frightening picture. As it turns out, the Pykes are the least of the problems. As the crew of the Invictus will come to find out, there is more going on in the Kessel Sector than has been led to be believed.