The Sim

Invictus is an Imperial I - class star destroyer, and she is the flagship for the 12th Fleet. The 12th Fleet is considered a roving patrol force, and is assigned to different sectors on a rotating basis to both enforce Imperial regulations and guidelines, and to bolster Imperial Forces in the regions. Currently the 12th Fleet is in the Kessel Sector conducting routine patrols and keeping close tabs on the Pyke Syndicate, when rumblings begin to surface of a possible rebellion. While there have been instances of insurrection and terrorism since the Empire’s foundation, these recent attacks are appearing more organized. These groups are becoming more well armed, and they are growing in numbers. The 12th Fleet begins finding it harder and harder to preserve order. How will the crew of the Invictus face this new threat? Will they fight for the glory of the Empire? Or, will it be a fight for survival?