Might of the Empire

Posted on Sunday February 18th, 2024 @ 5:44pm by Fleet Admiral Kelleq Neestrinn

Mission: In The Name of The Emperor
Location: Bridge - ISD Invictus
Timeline: 0800 hrs - Mission Day 1 - 3BBY

Fleet Admiral Kelleq Neestrinn stood in his customary spot on the bridge, arms clasped behind his back, as he stared out the forward viewports along the bow of the Invictus as she continued along at maneuvering speeds. He watched as a squadron of TIE fighters flew across the ship in formation conducting a training exercise, the familiar sound of their ion engines making the glass vibrate slightly. The 12th fleet had been conducting a standard patrol in the Mygeeto system, and their tour was nearing an end. Kelleq had yet to receive new orders for the fleet, but he hoped they would come soon. Kelleq hated to keep his men idle. Training was useful, but experience always kept the mind sharp. He heard a set of footsteps behind him, and he turned to see one of the young watch officer's approaching.

"Admiral, you have a priority signal from Imperial High Command," the young officer said after coming to attention. Kelleq nodded in response before turning and striding down the walkway between the pits on the bridge. He made his way over to the communications station, positioned in an alcove on the starboard side of the bridge.

"Has the signal been decoded," Kelleq asked simply when he approached looking at the Communications Officer. The officer nodded, "It's just coming through now sir." Kelleq nodded again before turning towards the holoprojectors as they flickered to life. He took a moment to straighten his uniform before the image of Grand Admiral Yarkov appeared before him.

"Grand Admiral Yarkov, I trust you have news on our new orders," Kelleq said with a slight bow of his head as he stood at attention. Yarkov nodded in agreement.

"Indeed Admiral. Moff Borke of the Kessel sector has requested additional naval resources. It seems the Pyke Syndicate have increased spice shipments in his area of responsibility, and his sector fleet has been spread too thin. Command has decided to dispatch your fleet to aid him in his request," Yarkov said matter of factly. Kelleq furrowed his brow slightly. "Grand Admiral, with all due respect, we are some distance from the Kessel Sector. It will take us some time to get there. How pressing is the situation,"Kelleq asked.

"Moff Borke assures us that he can wait for your arrival. The Emperor wants this issue dealt with firmly. We've managed to keep the Hutts in line, but the Pykes seem more intent on pressing their luck. The Emperor wants them to be reminded of who is in charge out there, and Moff Borke is testing his patience," Yarkov replied as he and Kelleq shared a knowing look. It was well known in the Imperial Military that it was not a boon to one's career when you drew too much attention from the Emperor.

"I understand, sir. We will begin making preparations now," Kelleq replied. "You'll be receiving your formal data packet shortly. Good luck Admiral," Yarkov said. Kelleq gave a slight bow of his head before his holographic image disappeared. "Decode that data packet as soon as it arrives," Kelleq said before turning to the watch officer. "Lieutenant, alert all commands. Tell them to stand by for operational deployment orders from the flagship. Then, inform Captain Brynac to report to the Bridge along with the senior staff," Kelleq said as the lieutenant turned to carry out the order.

Kelleg then walked over to the opposite side of the bridge to the navigation station. "Commander, plot a course for the fleet to the Kessel Sector," he said as the navigation officer input the commands and the projected course displayed on the map. As he studied the projected course, Kelleq's mind went to the task he now had. Since the Empire had come to power, the Imperial Navy had been working tirelessly to bring all forms of the black market under control. Some of the crime syndicates had gotten the message, but obviously the Pykes had not. Smuggling was still rampant throughout the galaxy, but the levels were significantly low compared to the days of the Republic. Kelleq thought it was useless for the Pykes to be this brazzen, but they would soon learn that the Empire commanded the Galaxy, and they would either adapt or be destroyed.